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10 Reasons You Must Invest in Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing services
digital marketing services

Digital marketing? One of the most common questions that any online marketing agency gets to hear from their client is, “is it really necessary to invest in digital marketing?” Most of the times, clients think that investing in an SEO friendly website is enough. But it is not. Your website is the face of your business online. But you need to keep this face aka your website visible enough to get the traffic and the necessary leads for your business. And that can only happen with digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is all-round planning that offers a goal-oriented approach with comprehensive research in order to achieve specific business goals which can be getting more traffic, more sales, more leads, increasing social sharing, boost foot traffic, increase in subscription, or all of these. So, if you are wondering whether you should invest in digital marketing services, then you are in the right place. Here, you will get to know about the three types of ROI that you can get, from the following points. Take a look. 


Often clients ask, “for how long do we need to invest in SEO?’ or “In our industry, it won’t matter.” They are wrong. Precisely, Google doesn’t owe you anything. Creating a website is not enough as it won’t be able to promote itself. There are at least 1.7 billion websites around the World Wide Web. This makes you just the specs of dust. To get the desired visibility, you need to reach the top of the SERP and for that you need to meet the benchmarks set by the search engine in terms of security, authority, quality, freshness, speed and UX. And here comes SEO to your rescue. 

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
  • Improved Position on SERP

Typically, while searching for anything, people only venture the five top results maximum of the first SERP. Now, if you are trying to increase the chances of sale or leads, you need to rank at the top of the SERP. SEO is a technique that ensures crawling and indexing of your website or web pages which in turn takes you to the top of the search results. 

  • Increased Traffic

With a better position on the search results, you also get increased traffic for your website. For example, if your number of visitors is increasing from 300 o 3000 because of SEO, and your conversion rate is 5%, you still get more chances of sales with the help of SEO. A digital marketing company will ensure that. 

  • Better User Experience

The technicalities of SEO involve regular SEO audit of the website, on-page work and fixing issues, off-page marketing, and analyzing results. Dealing with these issues means you are speeding up the loading time of the site while making it secure too. 

The ROI in Content Marketing

As a business, you might have invested in blogging but didn’t see much results. Now, why it is that? First of all, you must have thought of content to be only blogs. But it involves every kind of content. From the textual and visual content of your website to all the content, videos, graphics, and texts you are sharing on social media, everything is necessary. And without the right SEO strategies, your content, no matter how relevant and unique they are, will be completely lost in the search engine.

  • Keyword Optimization

Incorporating keywords in your content will make them not only relevant to the search engine, it also helps to get the target audience on your content page so that they read or see your content which in turn will influence their decision. 

  • Link Building

When you are trying to make a long-lasting impression on the target audience, getting good authority links is essential. And when you are doing so, high quality, informative, and relevant content is the only solution for you. You can approach other websites for publishing your content with the link to your home or service pages. And that will establish authority while contributing to your increasing traffic.

  • Lead Generation

Powerful content helps in lead generation. When the content and its backlink are taking the audience to your page, now, you can direct them with new directions that will help them subscribe to your blog, follow your tutorial, and so on. An online marketing agency will offer you content writing services that will eventually help you get more leads. 

  • Feeding Other Marketing Channels 

Your brand content is not just meant for publishing as a blog. You can use the content more for other social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other channel gets content regularly from you to keep the audience updated with the information. 

ROI for Social Media

Even though your social media is not a part of your website, it still helps immensely in your marketing as well as spreading brand awareness. With the help of social media, you can engage your audience with your brand even more. 

  • Promotion

 Social media offers a unique opportunity to reach your audience instantly and promote what you are offering more effectively. With the help of hashtags and paid promotion, you can get advantages of the momentum created on social media platforms which can boost your promotion a lot. 

  • Influencer Marketing

On social media platforms, you can collaborate with the brand patrons that will help you reach even a wider section of the audience. They can promote what you are offering, sharing your brand voice with the world, and finally get their loyal audience base influenced by their opinions. 

  • Measurable Customer Engagement

With social media, you get measurable customer engagement. You get to target the right demographic more effectively while engaging with the more relevant content that has been trending or pulling a huge number of visitors. 

So, now as you know why you should invest in digital marketing strategies for your brand, what are you waiting for? Hire a digital marketing company India and get the ball rolling. 


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