8 crucial things to keep in mind to avoid hassles in office shifting

8 crucial things to keep in mind to avoid hassles in office shifting
8 crucial things to keep in mind to avoid hassles in office shifting

Office relocations are messy and challenging if no packers and movers are there. Moving a corporate workplace involves so many complexities and interruptions not only in office premises but also bother people working in it. No matter if your office space is attached with combined & compact cabins for 50-80 employees or an entire floor with multiple seating for a big workforce, you need a foolproof plan to relocate your precious office stuff safely and timely.

Corporate shifting demands detailed planning & involvement of smart and efficient packers and movers to avoid last-minute hassles due to lack of arrangements and mismanagement in the process. It is a bit challenging to relocate your office with an entire team of staff along with a bunch of modern furniture, electronic equipment, devices, workstations, etc. The experts at moving companies always ensure to maintain quality and safety standards while carrying out the office moves which results in the damage-free movement of goods to the new address.

Minimum distraction & diligent approach are the keys that shifting service providers use to ensure hassle-free and safe relocations of goods. If you are also prepping up for moving your office then consider these 8 crucial things to eliminate the hurdles in your plan:

1. Plan your office move on non-working days or holidays- Moving your office in the presence of employees on a working day is similar to inviting undesired chaos in the shifting process. Packers and movers service providers always suggest that office moves must be done either on weekend or after working hours. You must make sure your office remains closed on the day when you’ve planned its relocation to the new location.

Keeping your staff busy during the move is not going to help in the challenging scenario of shifting as your employees shall have to face distractions throughout the time. Therefore, in case if it is not possible for you to schedule the move on weekends then you must allow our team members to get involved in packing and labeling tasks to speed up the shifting process.

2. Get all lifts & backup generators of new office checked before the move– Before relocating to the new facility; don’t forget to ensure that all lifts and backup generators is in a working condition. When the address of your new workplace is located in a multistory building, your packers and movers will be using lifts to carry bulky goods like office furniture, desktops, chairs, electronic appliances, machinery, & other common articles used. Hence, it is necessary to get all the lifts and power generators checked properly prior to the move so that the shifting crew won’t face difficulties in transporting goods to the destined address.

3. Create a separate lost and found the zone to collect lost items- A lot of things get misplaced during the shifting process. Many offices use gadgets & devices that are compact but very expensive and not finding them after shifting to your new facility will be stressful indeed. Therefore, it is better to introduce a lost and found area where people can keep misplaced objects found by them.

4. Start moving essential items first- When it comes to an office move, packers and movers always start with delicate and essential goods like monitors, servers, UPS, air conditioners, etc. as they demand extra care not only in packing and loading but also while disassembling their connections. These items are moved also moved at priority so that your employees will be able to continue with their work at a new place to avoid delays.    

5. Try to reduce lags due to security checks & visitor formalities– Too many security checks can slow down the entire process of moving goods as guards consume a lot of time in inspecting everything that goes in and outside the office premises. Facing frequent interruptions due to security officers may also frustrate packers and movers while transferring goods from your present office to the new one. Thus, you can either ask security personnel to cooperate with the shifting crew or stay at the entry gate to keep things moving.   

6. Assign tasks to your staff for dismantling and disconnecting wired devices- Not all packers and movers are expert at removing the wired connections of devices for further packing and moving. You need to get technicians or your staff members to dismantle electronic equipment and machinery to reduce the risks of post-moving faults. This is very important for the safety of devices.

7. Do arrangements for food, tea, coffee, etc. for shifting staff- Obviously, all types of moves are laborious and tiring for everyone. While conducting back-breaking tasks of packing, loading, transporting, unloading, & unpacking goods during office relocations, packers and movers must be provided refreshments at regular intervals of time so that they can stay attentive and energetic to continue with the move.    

8. Get a cleaning team ready to clean on the spot- Once all goods are delivered at your new address, you need to set all equipment & electronics at the right place. With papers, junk, dust, broken wires littered all around the floor, you can’t settle down with your things after moving to the new office. Therefore, get a cleaning team to save your time and efforts in clearing up the waste scattered around.    

Here comes to the end of our list of 8 important points to keep in mind to make your corporate move successful and stress-free. Office relocations can be made simple and fast under the supervision of packers and movers who are proficient in handling goods with extra care and safety!!

Snippet: Make your office move faster, simpler, & convenient by considering these 8 important things. 

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