Bajaj Qute – Know The Best Things About India’s First Quadricycle


Bajaj Qute – Know The Best Things About India’s First Quadricycle

  Bajaj Qute - Know The Best Things About India's First Quadricycle-We see a variety of vehicles on the Indian roads, including cars, trucks,

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Bajaj Qute – Know The Best Things About India’s First Quadricycle-We see a variety of vehicles on the Indian roads, including cars, trucks, carts, three-wheeler auto rickshaws, etc. However, the door for a new category of the vehicle never closes, and the public is always looking for a unique and innovative alternative to the existing means. 

Keeping with this need, Bajaj has made a valiant attempt of introducing India’s very first quadricycle, the Bajaj Qute. You can refer to Bajaj Qute as an intermediate between a three-wheeler and a car, as it has four doors and a roof and runs on a 216 cc engine. 

Although Bajaj first introduced the vehicle at the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi, it took them a while before they could introduce the vehicle in the market due to the lag they received while requesting permission from the transport department to formally launch the vehicle. 

However, the Qute isn’t going to be registered as the conventional Bajaj Qute car, but it has got a category of its own, a quadricycle.


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First things first, the appearance of the vehicle stands true to its nomenclature as it looks ‘qute’ in a true sense. The cat-eyed twin headlamps in front of the stylish bonnet make it an eye-ball-turner vehicle. 

The Bajaj Qute car has also got some elegant cuts and design modules on the sides, along with a side indicator and four-section embedded tail lamps. It doesn’t have body-coloured bumpers, but the black bumpers also add a lot of character to the vehicle. The vehicle is neither bulky nor very small, and it takes just the right space on the roads.

Power And Transmission

  1. Bajaj Qute is powered by a 216 cc petrol engine which generates a sufficient 13 bhp @ 5500 rpm and 18.9 Nm torque @ 4000 rpm. 
  2. A CNG variant is also available, which churns 10 bhp power and 16 Nm torque. Among both the variants, you can make your pick based on the requirements and road conditions of the area.
  3. A 5-speed manual transmission is available to drive the rear-mounted engine, and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels.

Specifications And Features

Before we talk about the Bajaj Qute price, let us discuss some of the features of the elegant-looking quadricycle.

  1. The vehicle comes with a modern instrumental console which is of analog-digital hybrid type and comes with advanced features like gear position indicator, fuel indicator, etc.
  2. It has a moderate stereo with USB, FM Radio, with double speakers.
  3. It’s expected to have a 12 v socket for phone charging.
  4. Since the Quote doesn’t have an AC, air vents are available on the doors.
  5. It comes with a sliding window and not a roll-down one.
  6. The top speed is restricted to 70 kmph, which is enough for city commutation.
  7. Talking about the safety features, the vehicle has tested safe for 35 mph frontal impact.
  8. The braking is decent, with drum brakes on the front and rear wheels.


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The ex-showroom Bajaj Qute price for the petrol variant is approximately INR 2.48 lakhs, and for the CNG variant, it is INR 2.78 lakhs. Although the running cost of the vehicle is quite low, the buying price is supposed to make things difficult in the competitive Indian market. 


When it comes to manufacturing passenger vehicles, Bajaj has quite a reputation in the market, and it keeps coming up with innovative ideas to keep its position intact. With the new Quote, Bajaj has opened new doors in the market, which was to date untouched by its rivals. 

Talking about the vehicle, it can find multiple utilities such as school-van, passenger ferry, regular autorickshaw, small cabs, etc. Its distinctive features make it an attractive buy, and it has got everything expected from an economy micro-segment four-wheeler. 

With rising fuel prices, mileage is a top priority, and Bajaj Qute addresses the issue well. With a 216 cc engine, one cannot expect the power of a regular car, but we can surely get the job done with it.