Boost your marketing ROI through audio advertisements

Boost your marketing ROI through audio advertisements
Boost your marketing ROI through audio advertisements

Boost your marketing ROI through audio advertisements. Advertising on audio platforms is the latest trend that is garnering too much attention from marketers. With brands discovering the huge impact of advertisement on the streaming channels, they are now coming up with innovative ways to promote their image through audio ads. Today a higher number of people stream music, podcasts and news due to which there is a huge opportunity of advertising on these platforms.

Hence, marketers are discovering the benefits of a voice over campaign to reach out directly to the millions of listeners through a reputable voice over company. Audio ads are not your traditional radio or advertisement voice over ads and when curated into listeners’ playlist, audio ads are found to be better retained into the minds of the audience.

These help you to understand your listeners better by letting you know what percentage of the population would be interested in listening to such advertisements. Some of the biggest platforms for audio ad distribution include YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud among others.

Here are a few popular media formats where one can run audio ads:

  • Podcasts

Podcasts are in-demand these days and can give your brand a direct exposure if you seek to run an ad for your target audience. Podcasts can appear on a number of channels including iTunes and Spotify, thus giving a significant visibility to your audio advertisement.

  • Music streaming apps

This is possibly the best way to gain attention of your audience by programming audio ads in between music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Wynk, Amazon Prime Music and more Boost your marketing ROI through audio advertisements.

  • Internet Radio

While many may think that music streaming apps have taken over internet radio, it’s actually not true. There is still a large chunk of listeners who constantly consume internet radio content and this platform can help your audio ad to reach wider masses.

  • Audio Blogs

If you ardently follow blogs you know that audio blogs are being embedded in every content these days and this can be an immense opportunity to launch your audio ads.

While there is a lot that goes in the creative process of making an audio ad, it is also important to pay attention to the script by taking the demographics and taste of the audience into consideration. You also need to determine the length depending on which platform you choose to release your ad.

The next important step is to select the right voice overs that will stop people from skipping your ad and listen to your message. Using professional voice over recording services can help your creative campaign get huge returns.

  • Better Brand Reach

With millions of people using the streaming platforms, you can easily tap into the national and international market through your audio ads. Audio ads also provide greater brand relevance and a better impact over other traditional methods.

  • More awareness

Looking to aware the audience regarding your new product or services? Simply create an audio ad and engage your audience better. As these ads are recalled better by the listeners, you can be assured of getting more awareness and customer engagement.

  • Voice ‘of’ the target audience

Connect better emotionally with your listeners and reach out to demographics and audiences that are passionate about audio .Boost your marketing ROI through audio advertisements.

  • Impressive commercial returns

Research suggests that not only can a campaign employing a voice over artist help further a brand’s reach and better engage with audiences, but that its audio ads drive a 60% lift in ad recall when compared against other industry benchmarks.

So what are the qualities to look for in a professional voice actor for audio ads?

  • Context clarity

The confidence of presenting any product or service to the listeners can only be achieved if the voice artist understands the context and requirements of the script completely.

  • Voice quality

It’s tough to understand what an ad is conveying if the voice is not clear and crisp. The voice over narration must be of pristine quality and overall likeable by the listener.

  • Ability to handle voice technicalities

There’s a lot to voice overs than just ‘voice’. The artist must be able to understand the tone of the script, the flow and modulations and voice inflection to deliver a quality voice over.

  • Language proficiency

The right pronunciation and enunciation abilities are essential while delivering any script. The artist must also know when and how to use accents and should be able to identify with the native audience.

  • Voice Acting

Some scripts may demand the voice actor to play multiple characters and the artist must be adept in doing character voice acting according to the needs of the advertisement.

You can easily find professional voice artists for Advertisements from Voyzapp – India’s largest voice over marketplace that can provide high quality voice overs through experienced voice artists on its portal who work in multiple languages and genres. You can even sort the artists on the basis of cost that will help you to fit the entire project under your budget. Trust us, with the right platform and some searching, you can easily hire voice actors for your project!

You should also know that a good audio ad consists of great storytelling and creating emotional connections. You need to fabricate the message such that it gets tugged at the hearts of the listeners. When an ad makes you want to take a call-to-action, you know it has achieved its goal. 

After all this hustle, you can be assured to distribute your audio ad through various platforms. Research better to know how you can get your ad distributed on exciting and diverse platforms for a better user base.

Drive your business from streaming platforms through meticulous planning. Get the ‘perfect’ voice overs for your audio ads.


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