How to Find a perfect Home and Calculate Rent Payment

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learning graphic design online

Calculate Rent Payment – We’re moving towards the end of the year again, this is the time many people will want to relocate to a new apartment.

There are hundreds of reasons you may want to change your apartment, but what’s important is planning according to your budget.

If you want to rent a new apartment in the US, different mobile apps can be of great help.

However, what should you consider before making a deal to rent a house, apartment, or room

  • Determine your Budget

First of all, you should set your budget for the new rental property. 

As a rule of thumb, the gross monthly rent should not amount to more than a third of your salary.

  • Find a Broker to look for an Apartment

Especially if you’re always busy and don’t have time to search for a perfect home, it makes sense to get help from a professional realtor when looking for a rental apartment.

  • Check the Layout of the Rooms

Certainly, it rarely happens that the right apartment is chosen based on the existing furniture.

Nevertheless, the layout of the rooms must be checked during the inspection.

  • Check Electronics

The existing electrical installation is often overlooked.

Are there sufficient sockets and light sources in the rooms?

Sufficient protection of the individual living rooms and a residual current circuit breaker is the minimum standard.

 A look into the fuse box provides information.

  • Ask about additional Costs

The ancillary house costs are, in addition to the acquisition costs or rent excluding charges, a factor that you should take a close look at.

  • Be careful with the rental Agreement

If your application is successful, the next step is the rental agreement.

Do not sign until you are sure that you understand and accept all of the clauses. 

The sections on the amount of the rent and the deposit are very important, the list of ancillary costs, the minimum contract duration, and the conditions of termination.

Advantages of using Rent Calculator 

After seeing a good fit apartment for yourself or your family, you can now decide whether you can pay for it without affecting other necessary obligations.

Of course yes, there are finance tools, mortgage applications, and specifically rent calculators to help you in your decision.

How best can you use a rent calculator and what are the advantages you can get?

You don’t need a Finance Counselor

An average American spends at least 25% of income on housing.

Considering other expenses on health, food, education, and utilities, it’s common to see many people not able to pay their rent when due.

With a rent calculator, you don’t need a finance guru, counselor, or banker to help you plan your income, expenses, and rent payment.

You can input your income, and the tool will calculate how much you should spend on rent, food, insurance, health, utilities, contingencies.

As a rule of thumb, you should not spend more than 20% of your income if you’re a low-income earner, and not more than 25% if you’re a medium-income earner.

This will enable you to invest and grow financially rather than living from hand to mouth.

You can easily Factor in most Expenses in your Calculation

The tool, unlike using a notepad and pen considers all your monthly household necessities.

It also considers the category of renter you belong to – either frugal, standard, or lavish rental.

The 25% income after-tax going for rent settlement is never rule.

Many other factors determine whether more than 30% of your income should go for housing.

Contingencies can be well Planned

The fact is that you may not remember all your regular expenses while planning your family budget.

Also, there are always unexpected expenses. With a rent calculator, you can easily input these contingencies as they occur to adjust your other expenses and to meet up with your monthly rent payment.

You can Plan on Savings

Rent calculator isn’t about rent payment alone, it can help in debt settlement.

Your recurring debts are considered with other expenditures in determining the right percentage of your income-after-tax that should go for rent.

You can also make a retirement plan or save for other expenditures.


Before you even begin to search for a new apartment, ou should take note of the above-mentioned tips so you can get a great value for your money.

Secondly, make you have a solid plan for making the recurring rent payment.

This is where a rent calculator can help lessen the burden and make it easy.


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