Link Building


Link Building

Link BuildingIn a very simple language, link building is the connection between two websites. For off page search engine optimization, link building

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Link BuildingIn a very simple language, link building is the connection between two websites. For off page search engine optimization, link building plays an important role, in this we do changes outside the website. Link building provides backlinks to our website. Backlink is the link that we are getting through link building and link building is the outcome of it. Some of the main terms of link building are inbound and outbound link, do follow/no follow, alexa rank and DA/PA. 

Let’s we explore the following terms 

Inbound link: When your website is getting linked to other websites, for other websites it is an outbound link. 

Outbound link: When other websites are linked to your websites, it is an inbound link for them. 

Do follow: In this case, in website code nothing is written, so it will be a do follow website and vice versa( no follow). Chronic muscle spasms have almost ruined my life. Pain and discomfort in the muscles made me irritable and didn’t let me live my life to the full. I tried several muscle relaxants, yet none of them was as effective as soma was. I try to minimize the intake of the drug to avoid addiction, so I don’t use more than two pills a day.

The following concepts are the ranking factors of a website Alexa – It is a rate/rank of a website. By seeing it, we further decide to get linked through other websites. Alexa rank is based upon traffic. As higher the traffic, lower will be the alexa rank and vise versa. Because backlinks from reputable websites would be an advantage for you and your website. 

❏ Points to keep in mind while creating backlinks : 

● Relevancy , that is., the backlinking website should be related to your website, same field, about the same topic or relatable topics. 

● Reputation of a website matters. 

● DA/PA 

● DO follow/ No follow

Processes of backlinks : 


1. Directory submission: In this we have to register our business for backlink. This business submission in different directory submission websites will provide us with a backlink that will help to grow and get more traffic. We have to keep some points in mind while doing it like check for do follow/no follow link, category selection( in which category your business falls it may be business, education, services etc.). Find out the top directory submission websites and create a backlink through them. 

2. Guest Posting : It is like blogging on other blogs. It brings traffic and growth to a business/website and will create backlink. All you have to do is search for guest posting sites and approach them for blogging on their 

websites/blog. The best way to do it through facebook groups, guest posting fb groups will provide so much help. You have to post a comment or create a post for guest posting websites and you will get links through different people on fb. 

3. Article submission: Article submission the submission of articles through different websites. First you have to keep an article ready for posting it. You have to make an account on article submission websites and post it , when your article gets selected and published you will get to know it through email or link. And also don’t forget to

create a backlink obviously , that is the sole purpose behind it. Ezine articles, one of the article submission tools we can say, here you have to create an account and fill necessary details about you or your business , after registering it you can post an article. 

4. Social bookmarking: It refers to saving or bookmarking something on social media/network. In simple words, storing your links on online bookmarking sites. Search for social bookmarking sites like, diigo etc.for creating backlink. The above sites are our top rated, but we can start from average ranking sites and after gaining certain experience you will grow more and more. 


5. Blog commenting: Blog commenting is commenting on blogs. Find out the blogs under your niche and start commenting there by mentioning your business/website url link for creating a backlink. Searching source type for blog commenting is (inurl:blog+topic name). 


6. Forum discussion: In Forum discussion sites, we discuss different topics, it may be questioning or answering etc. Like quora, we are aware about it, quora is a forum discussion website for different types of topics. Search operator for this – (inurl:forum+topic name).