Manga stream Alternatives- 11 Top Websites to Read Manga Online


Manga stream Alternatives- 11 Top Websites to Read Manga Online

Manga stream Alternatives- 11 Top Websites to Read Manga Online Those who were die-hard fans of Manga stream are going through one of the saddest p

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Manga stream Alternatives- 11 Top Websites to Read Manga Online

Those who were die-hard fans of Manga stream are going through one of the saddest phases of their lives as their beloved manga scanlation site is no more running on the internet. 


Manga is comics or novels originally from Japan but later got people addicted to it from all over the world. Thus, the Manga demonstrates the style of 19th century Japan, but its history dates back to earlier Japanese art. 


For some, Manga is their solace in this restless world, and it shook their world when the news of shut down of Mangastream, one of the primarily used sites to satisfy the thirst of Manga, surfaced on the internet. 


Let’s know more about it before talking about the alternatives to Mangastream.


Manga stream- What is It?

Manga stream was one of the most popular websites and a good source of manga comics from different genres such as romance, action, sci-fi, etc., all in one place. The website was a free option to read Japanese comics online for free. Even manga comics fans translate them into different languages like French, English, Italian, German, etc.


Soon after its launch, the manga stream climbed the ladder of popularity and became the most loved website of manga comic readers as it provided free access to unlimited entertainment. It was active for almost a decade before it stopped existing.


Is Mangastream Down?

Most of the Mangastream users have taken place left wondering if it is down temporarily or has gone permanently. Those who tried to access the website were welcome with an error message that they could not find the server address. With this message, it is clear that the Mangastream site will not get back in the future and has happened to take down. 


Why was Mangastream Taken Down?

Therefore this has been no official statement about the abrupt closure from Mangastream, but the move was taken with a motive to promote legal methods of reading mangas. They want the readers to support Mangaka by reading them from a natural source. However, this was not the only reason for their shut down. Thus, it was a scanlation website that offered Manga scans that were translated into different languages and edited by their fans, including their captioning.

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Alternatives to the Manga stream

Legal Ways to Read Manga Online

Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump is one of the oldest and most popular weekly manga magazines, and it is even available in its digital avatar. In the digital version of Shonen Jump, you will get to read three chapters of any ongoing series. By paying a $1.99/month subscription fee, you can get access to more than 10,000 manga from different genres. 


Comic Walker

Comic Walker offers free access to a vast collection of Manga and that too in a legal way. Kadokawa is one of the biggest manga publishers in Japan, and they launched their official website when they found too many scanlations available on the website. Comic Walker is the best option if you want to read free Manga legally.


Book Walker

Book Walker was started by Kadokawa and had all the digital comics from Japan. Thus, it is even available in the app version, or you can browse the website using your PC browser. However, the content is not available for free, and you need to select the range and then pay the amount accordingly. 



Crunchyroll can be the best option if you want to enjoy both anime and Manga in the same place. At the price of $7/month, you can enjoy multiple anime series and manga titles ad-free, and you will get access to all the latest manga chapters.


Mirror Sites to Mangastream

As all the legal ways to read Manga online are not available for free, manga readers find it convenient to read Manga online illegally through various scam sites similar to Mangastream.



After reading Manga Stream comics or novels independently from Japan but later got people addicted to reading it from all over the world, these sites have shared with an alternative to Manga stream. You can read your favorite Manga stream comics digitally by being comfortable on these websites