Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn About Microsoft SharePoint


Everything You Ever Wanted to Learn About Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint development Data easy accessibility and security is today’s organizations’ demand. Element of agility any company looks for in their data s

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SharePoint development Data easy accessibility and security is today’s organizations’ demand. Element of agility any company looks for in their data sharing and handling process. They adopt more innovative systems to consolidate data agility, followed by privacy, speed, effective management, and maintenance.

SharePoint development is the remedy to all hurdles related to data management and sharing. Beyond the application, it is a complete enterprise-level solution, basing on the web. This collaborative platform is a product from Microsoft, closely accompanied by Microsoft Office 365.

This blog will share the SharePoint details from top to bottom to gain the platform’s understanding. But before that, let’s talk about what SharePoint is first.

What is SharePoint?

It’s a web-based collaboration system, allowing team members to work together effectively. It automates the company’s workflow and gives the user accessibility to control its data, visibility, and sharing with others.

SharePoint also comprises the cloud version, named SharePoint Online. This version is capable of integration with several other cloud applications. It is functionally compatible with several of the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 services.

Is SharePoint and OneDrive Same?


SharePoint utilizes cloud technology to store the data. On the contrary, OneDrive is the local storage on the computer for personal use.

Anything that belongs to your personal use can be saved in OneDrive, but SharePoint is the place to store it if it is related to the company.

How to Access SharePoint?

  • With the ‘Files’ tab in Microsoft Teams
  • Via a web browser
  • Via a mapped drive

What SharePoint Offers to any Organization?

Organizations create a website with SharePoint. It is like a private digital vault for them where they store all of their company data. Here they can maintain, share, organize the data, and grant user access to it. All this happens with a normal freeware web browser like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or any other.

Some Features Which SharePoint Bundles With:

  • Online file and data distribution with users both within and outside the company.
  • Offers content management to manage the data using metadata, libraries, and other elements inside the system.
  • A communication portal to collaborate with team members.
  • Allow the intranet to be accessible with mobile applications.
  • The employer can create workflows to automate the business process.
  • Search functionality to find the other employees.

Core Functionalities of SharePoint Website

When you set up everything in place, some features come into action instantly like;

  • OneNote Notebook
  • A place to save and share files with others.
  • A private conversation board for the team players.
  • Customized web pages for team

SharePoint of 2021

Being the latest, SharePoint 2021 delivers an enhanced user experience to its users. It offers improved performance along with robust security. What latest version more cover is;

New Modern Homepage

All organization’s sites are found on the SharePoint start page, giving the homepage a fresh modern look. One can conveniently build and manage the site right from the homepage.

Modern Sites for Team

They give the team a modern experience, followed by quick links, news, website activity, in-line editing, and several others to make the platform highly useful and interactive. Team members can make use of SharePoint as a complete package to automate their work.

Communication Sites


Communication sites are similar to publishing sites. They are workable without the need for subsites and use modern pages to do the job. You can create interactive aesthetical pages which are mobile-friendly without writing a code.

Communication sites are responsible for sharing the events details, news, or showing products.

Modern Libraries and Lists

SharePoint 2021 delivers a cutting-edge experience. We can build directories, clone and transfer data with ease, pin records, and attach items as links. You can, among many other things, customize views, modify file information, view previews and supplementary file descriptions, customize columns, and insert rich position data.

Where to Study SharePoint and How?

SharePoint is a widely utilized tool in the industry for collaboration. It is not challenging to learn and study the platform as an average user. The platform itself is intuitive and self-telling to let the user grasp things quickly and easily. People with little or no technical expertise can handle many of the items in it.

Every human on this planet has used MS Excel, Word, or PowerPoint at least once in their life. The user experience here is the same as well.

But expect to achieve many more things by availing SharePoint development services. If you want to do it by yourself, then things differ. You have to read first and then require a decent amount of time to grip the system’s working mechanism. However, it’s not that difficult to do. It would help if you have enough time to spend on it and read the documentation to get the hang of it.

Things always look difficult in the first place. They seem out of the world but become understandable when we start digesting their chunks step by step.

Is SharePoint Customizable?

Here where the platform truly impresses its users. It offers immense options for customization to make the system adaptable to the organization’s needs. Users can modify the layout and user interface (UI) to match it with the company profile. They can adjust colors, background images, logos, fonts, font size, headings, and many other things to make the layout appealing. Also, all these changes are easy to do and do not require developer involvement.

When using an on-premise implementation of SharePoint, the framework can be further customized by introducing additional modules and integrations.

Microsoft Flow, another Microsoft tool, allows doing a lot in SharePoint without custom code.

You can further modify the SharePoint on a functionality level with the SharePoint developer’s help as per the workplace’s requirement. They can integrate and code additional modules to extend the functionality to achieve the purpose.

Three kinds of SharePoint Sites to Know.

Hub Site:

Hub sites connect similar sites in one place to make the information finding process more straightforward.

Team Site:

Team site lets you arrange members by their respective department and projects. With that, the relevant people get access to the files and information. You can create multiple sites as you need for different teams.

Communication Site:

The communication site resembles the intranet. Anyone can insert, alter records, and make an announcement in it. You can assume this kind of site as a newsfeed allowing a user to convey information.


Few Pointers for How to Use SharePoint

SharePoint comes under the umbrella of Microsoft 365, only for those who have access to a business account. However, one can get access to the business account easily with the small monthly subscription fees.

The concept is to set the site, add some elements to it, and make SharePoint into existence.

While ago, SharePoint was much like a content management system (CMS) which we see in WordPress to add content. Microsoft 365 is now widely regarded as a collaborative platform.

Final Verdict

SharePoint gives the organization access to the information regardless of place, device and time. The SharePoint server platform tends to improve and automate the company’s working manner. It takes care and structure all the processes to streamline the workflow.

This collaborative system gives users the contemporary experience in their work, allows them to communicate with team members effectively, and ultimately improves the organization’s performance.

Lastly, if you look for the SharePoint solution and think to integrate such a system in your working environment, Let your requirement know to Cubix to develop an intelligent solution for you.