Find Out All You Need To Know About Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485


Find Out All You Need To Know About Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is for international aspirants, wishing to come to Australia to study or work after completing their studies. It

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Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is for international aspirants, wishing to come to Australia to study or work after completing their studies. It is a temporary visa valid from 18 months to five years. The visa is categorized into three sections; Graduate Work Stream, Post-Study Work Stream, and Second Post-Study Workstream. Get to know all the things about temporary graduate visa 485 from here. 

  1.     Graduate Work Stream 

The visa Subclass 485 is applicable for aspirants who have completed their graduation with qualifications and skills relevant to the particular occupation. With the visa, you can stay up to 18 months, whereas Hong Kong passport holders can stay for five years. 

  1.     Post-Study Work Stream

This temporary graduate visa 485 is for students who have completed their graduation from any of the institutes in Australia. The visa holders can stay from two to four years, while Hong Kong visa holders can reside for five years. The 485 visa processing time is from five to eleven months. 

  1.     Second Post-Study Work Stream

It is for Temporary Graduate visa holders graduating with a degree from the Australian institute based in the regional area. While Hong Kong citizens holding the graduate visa 485 can stay for five years, while for others, it is from one to two years. 

Depending on which visa you want you can apply for it. But before that, you have to attain the requirements of it. To avail of the visa, prepare a 485 visa checklist containing all the eligibility criteria. Here how you should do it:  


  •       Visa and age details

Candidates planning to apply for this visa must ensure that they are below 50 years. The prospective can apply for the first category when they are outside Australia. The other two categories are applicable when you hold the first temporary graduate visa. If you do not carry an eligible visa or are above 50 years, your application will be rejected. 

  •       Hold a passport or clear the English language test.

For the first two categories, you should either hold a valid passport from New Zealand, Canada, the United States, The United Kingdom, or The Republic of Ireland. In case you do not carry, you have to show proof of the English language. You can go for tests like International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Occupational English Test, Cambridge English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English), TOEFL internet-based test, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). The Australian Government is particular when it comes to sanctioning visas. So, you cannot afford to make any mistakes as you will land in trouble. 

  •       Health and character requirements

Candidates must have adequate health insurance that should cover the entire stay period in the country. It should include the transportation cost, including an ambulance, the expenses of medical treatments, etc. Attain the health and character requirements stated by the authority before applying for the visa. This clause is applicable for all three sections. Phentermine helped me not only lose weight but also overcome more serious psychological problems. I changed my attitude to food and, along with this, my diet, thanks to which all unhealthy foods disappeared from my life. I recommend it to anyone who cannot cope with gluttony. I’ve gone this way myself and ready to support others on their way to a healthy life.

  •       Signing the statement 

All the candidates applying for a 485 visa must sign the statement that says they will respect the law and order and value the way of life in the country. 


  •       Having no debt 

Remember, you should not hold any debt under the Australian government. If you carry, clear them off or make some provisions for it. 

  •       No previous visa cancellation 

Your precious visa application form should neither have been cancelled nor rejected. In case it has got rejected, you have to verify how the cancellation will affect the eligibility. 

  •       Meeting the Australian study requirement. 

If you are not impacted because of the covid-19 restrictions in the last six months, ensure to attain the Australian study requirements. It is for the first two visas, where the applicant must successfully complete all the requirements of the course. Also, the tenure should not be less than 16 calendar months. For more details, it is better to get in touch with the Migration Agent Adelaide. They can tell you the exact details you have to include in your visa application form. 

Now that you know the checklist to maintain to get your visa, it is better to look for a few aspects to hire an Immigration Agent Adelaide. With that, the entire process will become easier as you will get your visa without facing any rejection or cancellation. 

  •       A reputed organization 

Most importantly, you have to look for an immigration agent from a reputed organization. Everyone will say that they come from a reputed organization, but you have to check the reality. It is better to speak with some of their previous clients who have received the service from them. In a way, you can understand if they are satisfied with it or not. For that, you can read some of their reviews or ask your friends or acquaintances about the firm. If it has earned a good reputation in the market, everyone will know about the company. 

  •       Success rate and experience 

It is always better to choose an experienced company and who has a higher success rate. Experience matters a lot as the professionals can guide you in uncertain situations if you come across one. A higher success rate is the best indicator to differentiate between the best and the rest. 

  •       Visit their site 

Before giving a confirmation, ensure to visit their site and check their details. A company that maintains its profile appropriately and explains you in brief about any clause is the right choice. They should be highly qualified and will tell you things that you should avoid doing. As a result, you will get your visa timely without facing trouble. 

Choose the best immigrant agent.

Hopefully, with all the details stated above, you know what you have to do. It’s time to apply for a subclass 485 and get the visa so that you can go and reside in the country. Do not skip any step as the Australian Government will look for every parameter. Also, check the visa application fee that you have to clear while filling for it.