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5 Tips You Must Know Before Buying Industrial Furniture

Gowning Room Furniture
Gowning Room Furniture

Vintage furniture goes beyond its utilitarian value. These are decorative art pieces, which unlike regular furniture, may accrue both artistic interest and price appreciation over time. So when you decide to buy vintage industrial furniture online, it is important to take certain steps so that you buy an authentic piece at genuine prices, and with great after-sales service support. 

Here is how you can make an informed decision regarding it.

1. Choose online stores with a brick-and-mortar presence

Furniture can be displayed and sold online but there has to be a physical storage space to keep vintage industrial or any kind of furniture. Besides, a buyer should not end up seeing the pictures, ordering and paying online for industrial furniture, only to know later that there is no such store in reality. Therefore, choose stores that have mentioned the address of the store/showroom.

If you know someone in the city where the store is located, you may also ask him or her to verify the store’s details given online. In case the store is located in the same city where you live or visit often, you may select a few pieces online and then go to the store to take a closer look at the furniture you have chosen. 

2. Check the store’s reviews

Start by checking Google Product Search, where you can find rank and review of various online vintage industrial furniture stores. Ignore the stores with one or two stars. Once you have shortlisted 2-4 stores, go through the reviews posted on the website, and for the products that you wish to buy.

Reliable online industrial furniture sellers have nothing to hide and they allow all types of reviews (of course, except those which are abusive or incoherently written) to be posted on their website. While a negative review here and there may be ignored, but if there is a series of bad reviews, then that is a red flag.

Similarly, only positive reviews with 5-stars everywhere should also raise suspicion. Remember that genuine reviews are a mix of positive, moderate, and negative reviews, because each customer has a unique experience to share. Besides, look for detailed reviews instead of monosyllabic reviews like ‘nice,’ or ‘worst’. Coming to the timeline, you may check reviews posted in the last 3-6 months. 

3.Check the return policy

Return policies are a game-changer in the world of online business. An ideal return policy is clearly stated quite flexible in terms of re-stocking fee, return procedure, refund timeline, etc. Read the terms and conditions for cancellation, re-stocking, and shipping. Some stores require the customers to cover the cost of return shipping in case they cancel the item after it has been shipped. Avoid business with online retailers that charge restocking fees.

4. Check customer care service

You should be able to contact the customer care representative through either chat or text. Only calls or only text-based customer support service affects the customer’s convenience and may lead to unnecessary delays in completing a purchase or finding a resolution to queries or issues related to returns and refunds. Further, quick and efficient customer care support shows that the e-commerce store you have chosen knows the value of timely communication with customers.

Another factor to pay attention to is how well-informed are customer care representatives. There’s no point in being able to contact customer care in a jiffy when s (he) cannot solve your issues competently. Before finalizing a purchase, speak, or chat with the customer care executive to check their level of expertise in handling customer inquiries.

5. Browse through the collection

The industrial furniture available on the website should match your tastes and preferences. Some online stores offer a full spectrum of industrial furniture. This includes chairs, coffee tables, shelves, bar tables, console tables, study tables, chest, cabinets, storage trunk and boxes, sofas, stools, benches, and poufs. Unlike traditional furniture, industrial furniture is rarely available as a set or a pair, so you may have to buy items separately to create a set. 

When you browse through the collection online, the items available speak volumes about a website’s commitment to a particular style. For example, some websites may offer early industrial style furniture; some may be selling the variants inspired by the designs popular in the 1970s, while some others may offer the designs and models remodeled in the 2000s. There may be several ways for an online vintage industrial furniture store to create the USP to outshine the competitors, stay trendy, and be able to meet the customers’ demands and expectations. 

It is a good idea to identify your sense of style, know the space available, and note the measurements of the furniture before choosing from the collection of furniture available on the website.   

If the tips above helped you make a better purchase decision, do comment and let us know.


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